Volunteer Partner

Why Partner with eVidyaloka:

eVidyaloka believes in partnering with like-minded people to help the children across villages receive quality education, and address the shortage of more than 1.2 million teachers in the Indian government schools.

eVidyaloka is seeking out partner organizations to join hands with, and strengthen the Indian volunteer community across the globe. The endeavor is to work closely with groups of varied number of members and cultivate long-term partnerships with corporates, social enterprises, fellow non-profits and volunteer organizations among others. The objective is to assist one another and welcome more Volunteer Teachers to impart education to children in remote villages of India via Digital Classrooms.

Volunteers share their time and skills to teach, and a variety of organizations and/or groups of varied intents and purposes get together to collectively extend the resource of their efforts to become a Volunteer Teacher.

Who do we welcome:

  • Corporates (Corporate Employee Engagement)
  • Volunteer Groups
  • Social Enterprises
  • Language-based Groups
  • Ethnicity-based Groups
  • Profession-based Groups
  • Alumni Associations
  • College Groups (Volunteer-based and otherwise)
  • Note: We also welcome individuals who’d like to spearhead a volunteer group

How can you help:

  • Float a volunteer mail among the employees, groups’ members, students, individuals
  • Organize an Orientation Session to throw light on the eVidyaloka model and how one can contribute
  • Social Media Support
  • Support eVidyaloka’s volunteer campaigns
  • Organize and pitch volunteering opportunities of eVidyaloka at events

Become an agent of change and partner with eVidyaloka to initiate and encourage volunteerism. Help us create a volunteer community that actively empowers rural India.   Register