• Director – Volunteer Acquisition

    Volunteers forms the bedrock of eVidyaloka. People from various strata of the society, participate in this remote online teaching model, teach and contribute in other ways, building the future of the children in villages in rural India. The position plays a critical role in reaching out to a broad segment of the society and scale the model to every remote and rural village of India.
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  • Donor Coordinator (1 to 2 years)

    The purpose of this role is to have a proactive and sustained engagement with prospective and current donors, including CSR foundations, commercial enterprises and high net-worth individuals.
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  • Content Delivery Coordinator (3 to 8 years)

    The purpose of this role is to drive academic rigor, ensure and facilitate the curriculum to be adopted by eVidyaloka, maintain an overall uniformity while also adapting to the needs of multiple centers and locations. Presently, the focus is on class 6th, 7th and 8th, although class 5th is also offered in some centers selectively. Click here for the Job Description
  • Data Specialist (1 to 3 years)

    eVidyaloka classes take place throughout the day, every day across 92 schools based in rural India, delivered by teachers spread across the globe. Each location is managed by a Class Administrator (Remotely) and a Class Assistant (Village), ensuring a smooth functioning of the daily class operations, as per schedule. This role involves a hands-on requirement analysis, design, development and testing of IT systems.
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