#Educate One Rural Child

Target: Teach 3000 children

182 children left

Every child deserves a chance at a good life. This is your chance to help a child get good quality education.

In the rural outskirts of India, tribal children don't have access to quality education. 58% of the grade Indian students can't recognize alphabets and 74% can't do division. Children are bright and willing to learn but the infrastructure and teachers don't exist.

We at eVidyaloka are committed to spread the light of knowledge and ignite the minds of rural children and brighten the future of the entire community.

What is #EducateOneRuralChild ?

#EducateOneRuralChild is an initiative by eVidyaloka to bring quality education at the door-steps of rural children. The objective is to inculcate a passion for learning in the young rural India and provide them the means and exposure to walk head-to-head with an urban India.

How do you educate the children ?

We leverage technology to connect volunteer teachers to children in remote villages.

Children in Rural India

Teacher anywhere in the world

  • • Digital classrooms setup in local rural government schools

  • • Broadband/ 3G connectivity obtained

  • • Local partner and assistant engaged

  • • Students enrolled

  • • Remote volunteer teachers enrolled

  • • Onboarding on My-evidyaloka portal

  • • Time-table, curriculum planned

  • • Connected with students in village school over skype video-conference

We organize the coursework, class schedules, student attendance system and all such operational activities on our eVidyaloka portal, Once volunteer teachers are onboarded, they deliver live video-lectures to the rural students. The power of the video-conferencing ensures that the remote lectures are carried out in just the same way as face-to-face teching.

Our local village partners setup the classroom each day and assist the remote teachers in course delivery. The books and course materials are made available to the students free-of-cost.

How are the donations used ?

Your money starts its travel right from identifying a village, through a local NGO Partner NGO Partner. As the partner finalizes the school, a donor helps setup the Digital Classroom.

As the classroom gets setup, the contribution then goes on to securing the Broadband connection and takes care of the monthly internet expenses. It also goes into getting a local class assistant, who spends 3-4 hours, in maintaining and running the Digital Classroom in the rural village. It then continues its journey, in reaching out to a teaching volunteer, sources, screens onboard them into the System. And subsequently also enables the Class delivery to be planned, that happens through the year. The contribution then goes in getting that technology platform enhanced and maintained and ofcourse all the communication that happens in between. Finally, a bit of it goes in to the office space, where the people sit and make things happen.

This helps in really make the invisible engine of eVidyaloka, connect the passionate teacher and the village children through the digital classroom ans enable the Online classes to happen. Neither the Children pays any fees, not gets anything tangible from this contribution.